29 Juni 2014

I'm kinda missing them. Perhaps it's been a long time since we've met. When actually it was a few weeks ago. But, seriously imma missing them like a lot.

I miss the time when we shared our stories together. Laughing at simply-random-unimportant things. No matter how geje we are, we were still have a topic to be laughed at. Honestly, I want to go back at the time when we were still met at the same place. Place that we call junior high school. Thought maybe everything were just fine. Now we're sepparated, right? So hard just take time for a short-meeting. We're bussy at our own stuffs. Well, thats not such a thing worth to blaming at, actually. Maybe, I'm just lil' bit messed up, or.. i don't know. I've been missing ya since the time I couldn't even know. Beside that, I'm so thankful at least we've already met for a few times before. Thanks for being there even in our busiest time guys 

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