21 April 2013


I may childlike, and maybe i don't want to grow up. I like being a kids, i enjoyed this characters, and that's my center. Most of my friends were surely say yes when there's a "does she look liked a tiny kid?" question. Some of them even saying that I'm better back to kindergarten level (yes, kindergarten, not a junior high school or even elementary school-__-) ha-ha.

Sometimes i'm a bit proud of it, yea sometimes. Sometimes, you feel like you're the cutest person in your basecamp. But sometimes you feel like "ohh c'mon, are you kidding me? Are you think these little tiny kid can handle the worst situation? Better find another person" or more likely untrusted. Yeah, i know sometimes my attitudes or sayings was kinda bothering them, I admit it. But, sure i didn't mean it, i didn't even know if my attitudes and sayings was annoying, sometimes. There's some conditions that force me to change my natural characteristic. They want me to be a growing-up people, with those kinds of umm... I don't know, maybe such a hubbub things?. But, I don't know, I just wanted to being my true self, meanwhile, i love my life whatever it be.

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