26 April 2014

I'm Into Them~~

Maybe it's about 4 years ago I've known them. But I still remember how could I know them. Felt in love with them in the first hearing. And they were such a drug, keeping me addicted 'till now. I've been listening (almost) all of their albums since the first one which released out about 9 years ago, actually (and yes, I regret the fact that I didn't know them earlier). I love the way they made out their songs. The lyrics is just too cute (in the other perspectives, I didn't find any right words to describe it anyway). The members either! Especially the beautiful-cutest-one Hayley Williams! Her voice is just too amazing. Oh My God, they're so georgeus. Oh I still love them like a lot. Even they've changed so much since their first album (about the way they present their songs) they still having their awesomeness, whatever it is. And I thought that it means they have matured, especially the new one which made some people irritated I guess. But I don't think so. I love the new ones, especially "Ain't It Fun" and "Last Hope". It's my current favorite songs anyway :). And after all this time, I'm still into them💜.

Anyway I wanted their Ain't It Fun broken vinyl so much, but unfortunately, I neither have that much money nor find it in my area so... Well you can guess it :(

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